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Michigan’s New Expungement Laws

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Big Changes To Michigan’s Expungement Laws

Michigan’s “Clean Slate” law is now in effect. Tens of thousands of Michiganders are now eligible for the first time to apply for expungement and enjoy the various benefits of a clean criminal record, including:

Career Opportunities
With your criminal record expunged, many barriers to employment are lifted. Additionally, a University of Michigan Law School study found that wages increase by an average of 25% within two (2) years of expungement.
Landlords and other housing providers often use background checks to bar applicants with adult conviction(s) from living in their properties. Housing is something no one should need to worry about. Once your conviction is expunged, the choice in where you call home is yours.
After expungement, an insurance company will no longer be able to search and find your criminal record. They will no longer have a reason to discriminate against you and charge higher premiums because of a conviction.
Student Loans
Did you know that drug-related convictions automatically make you ineligible for federal student loans? Additionally, private lenders have their own restrictions on applicants with a criminal history. With an expunged criminal record, you can get the help you need to earn the degree that could change your life.
Concealed Pistol License
In Michigan, you can apply for a CPL once you expunge your criminal record of any felonies. If you have any misdemeanors on your record eligible for expungement, you can also apply for your CPL sooner rather than later.

Where You Stand

Do I Qualify for Expungement?

Michigan’s old expungement law allowed only one (1) felony and two (2) misdemeanors to be expunged from someone’s criminal record.

Now, more felonies and misdemeanors are eligible than ever, and the waiting period to apply for expungement has been dramatically reduced. The following are some examples of how expungement has changed:

3 Felonies

If you have more than (3) felonies on different dates, you are not eligible for expungement

Traffic Offenses

Most traffic offenses are eligible for the first time ever – a first offense OWI is now eligible for expungement. 

Waiting Period

3 years for a misdemeanor, 5 years for a felony and 7 years for multiple felonies


number of misdemeanors

One Bad Night Convictions

Multiple felonies and misdemeanors that occurred within 24 hours of each other now count as one (1) conviction

Do Not Apply

We do not recommend applying for expungement if you have charges pending in any court or have been convicted of a crime in the last three (3) years 

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There are many time-consuming steps involved in applying to expunge your criminal record including obtaining your records, getting fingerprinted, notarizing your application, and much more. If you make any sort of mistake on these documents, you must wait at least 3 years before applying again. Unfortunately, a judge can use this expungement denial to fault your next attempt.

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American Adults Have Criminal Records


increase in wages within 2 years following expungement


of people eligible for expungement don’t apply for it

How to get started

Get A Free Report And Evaluation

Detailing How We Can Help You Based On Your Record

What About My Marijuana Offense?

In 2017, there were over 20,000 arrests for non-violent marijuana related “offenses” in Michigan. Now, a person convicted of one (1) or more non-violent marijuana offense can file an application to have them set aside. This assumes that the offense would have been legal as of December 6, 2018, the date adult-use marijuana was legalized in Michigan.

Our firm knows that having a criminal record doesn’t make someone a bad person, especially with non-violent marijuana offenses. Learn how a Michigan expungement attorney can help you or someone you know now.


To get started immediately, we will pull your Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) free of charge. We’ll then analyze your report to determine which of your convictions are eligible for expungement under the new law.

Don’t Risk A Small Error

A simple error or misunderstanding of the application’s language could lead to you being charged with falsifying documents, which is a felony that results in extraordinary fines and prison time of at least 1 year. To take the headache out of this process, our law firm covers the cost of pulling your criminal records and notarization, and helps you every step of the way during this complex yet life-changing process.

This is why hiring an experienced Michigan expungement attorney is the key to getting it right the first time around.

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Our firm knows that having a criminal record doesn’t make someone a bad person, especially with non-violent marijuana offenses. Learn how we can help you or someone you know now.